Rock Bottom

Right out of the gate and tumbled by a cold.  No writing progress on the new book tonight and no work on the website. My week started out with missing work because of a cold and I didn’t make it more than a half day before checking out, heading home, and then sleeping through the rest of the day.  Feeling better, but still exhausted.

I wanted to start things off with a more longish post about the general themes I wish to explore with this blog, but that will have to wait.  The short answer though, is balancing a life of writing fiction, working a full time job, and maintaining a family all the while trying to get rid of that second one and focus on writing, or at least making money from something other than going into an office, dying a bit for 8 hours and then coming home.

So, hey, this is pretty much starting at rock bottom.  Best place to start!

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