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My monkeys amuse me
My monkeys amuse me

Working in IT, one of the benefits is I can from time to time work from home.  Since I still felt like crap this morning, but with too much to do, I decided to take advantage of  that benefit.  All it saved me was a 30 minute car ride though, because when you feel like shit, you feel like shit wherever you are.  Started feeling better as the day went on and the dogs were kind enough to not bug me too much.  When L arrived home early from her work (she’d gotten the days mixed up as the day went on and left an hour early) I logged out and helped her with her homework.  She’s finishing up her BA and has one of the wonderful required basic computer classes where you learn excel and Power Point.  An hour later we ate some Pho, watched some Josh Gates on Expedition Unknown and I finally managed to get my head cold weary body back to my desk and started on the new novel.  Didn’t get too far, only 200 words, but I think it shows the primary flaw with the main character that gets her into the coming weird situation.  I’ve got a working title of Sally and the Zombie Man.

Feels great to start on something after a long day, especially something that’s been bouncing around my head for a few weeks, even if the word count is low.

I plan on doing a Dean Wesley Smith thing and keeping a running count of the words I write (fiction and blog related.)  I’m planning on writing a quickie plug-in for WordPress this weekend so I don’t have to format this on every blog post.

I planned on doing a header picture for every blog post on the main page, but seriously, that is a total time sink.  If I can think of something in one minute (like my SICK banner) I’ll do it, or for a new book post, but otherwise, it’s just not worth the time.

Fiction: 200 words
Blog Post: 338 words

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